How to Create a Roku Channel

Who this tutorial is for: A non-developer (or a developer) who would rather focus on channel production than technical "coding" aspects of developing an IPTV channel

Even at a top-level view, there are a number of elements needed to effectively create and manage a Roku channel.

1. Video Content Management

A vital piece of the Roku channel development process is the management of the videos. The industry term for a system to organize videos online is an Online Video Platform (OVP) or Video Content Management System (video CMS).

A good video management system should do the following:

  • Convert whatever format video uploaded (WMA, M4a etc) into a streaming compatible format

  • Deliver that content to multiple devices (mobile phones, tablets, desktops, Roku channels etc.)

  • Video analytics that will provide insight into the usage of the video

STREAMOTOR is an easy to use online video platform which converts video formats, has the capability to deliver video to nearly every screen, and provides video analytics.

2. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Downloaded video requires you to "pull" the video off a server. Streaming video requires a server to "push" the video to the user. Streaming video requires a content delivery network (wikipedia) to push create a seamless push of data.

The content delivery network providing the backend for the STREAMOTOR system is Limelight Networks, one of the biggest and best content delivery networks in the world based out of the Phoenix, Arizona area. Our unique partnership with Limelight allows us to pass along great usage rates to our customers, excellent up-time and video quality.

3. Roku Application Development

Lastly, the Roku channel application needs to be developed. This is the application that users will interact with through the Roku box user interface displayed on their TV screens. Our professional developers create these applications with the user experience in mind and branded to your specifications.

Your own branded network can be created quickly, without costly upfront investments in hardware.

Happy production!

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